Fate Points

Ameryth can be a dangerous place, especially for those who choose to travel the world in search of adventure. There are hundreds of stories of people who’ve left their homes in search of some ancient myth and became legends. There are just as many stories of people who left only to never be heard from again.

But you have a greater destiny than all of these people. Your fate is not to die some horrible death just to never be remembered for your sacrifice. Fate Points represent this latent greatness.

Fate can only help you so much on the path to your destiny, and you must carefully choose when to take advantage of what fate has given you. New characters begin play with 1 Fate Point and you may only store a maximum of three Fate Points at any given time, not including temporary Fate Points. In order to gain additional Fate Points, you must, in some way make strides toward fulfilling your destiny. Sometimes, you may not be sure what that is, but as long as you think creatively, you should have no trouble gaining Fate Points.

Other Options
Within the first three sessions of a character’s appearance in the game, if the player writes and presents a short story covering some of the major events in their character’s history, that character will gain an additional Fate Point.

Clever roleplaying and repeated attempts to enrich their fellow players’ experience through storytelling may also earn characters additional Fate Points.

There are four ways to use Fate Points, each of which is very powerful. No matter what, you may only use one of these options per round.

Aided by Fate
Spend a Fate Point to greatly increase your chances of success. If the Fate Point is spent before the roll is made, you may add an untyped +8 bonus to the result of a single 20-sided die roll. If spent after the roll is made, you may add an untyped +4 bonus to the result. You may also use this option to aid someone else. In this case, the bonuses are halved: untyped +4 bonus before the roll or +2 bonus after the roll.

Breath of Fate
Spend two Fate Points to catch a second wind. When you use this option, you instantly regain one quarter of your total Hit Points as fate helps you to remember you are meant for something greater.

Embrace Fate
Spend three Fate Points to ensure your fate comes to pass. When you use this option, you instantly critically succeed at a single task. You must choose to use this option before any dice are rolled. If used to attack, the attack becomes a confirmed critical, and is then resolved as though you had rolled and confirmed a critical normally. If used with a skill check, treat the check as though you had rolled a natural 20 and add an additional untyped +20 to the result. If used with a skill in which you possess no ranks and the task you are performing is normally a trained-only task, treat the check as though you were trained in the skill and rolled a natural 20.

Debt of Fate
Spend six Fate Points to miraculously avoid death. This option is special in that it does not require that you have all of the necessary Fate Points to use (as you can only have three Fate Points at a time). Instead, this option instantly consumes any Fate Points you currently possess in payment toward the six required for this option. You must then prove yourself worthy of your destiny by performing acts that would otherwise grant you additional Fate Points until your debt is paid; at which point, you will begin accruing Fate Points once more. Additionally, for each Fate Point required that you do not currently possess, you suffer an equivalent penalty to all 20-sided die rolls as well as any rolls made to assist in your recovery. As you pay your Debt to Fate, the penalties lessen. For instance, if you were to fall from a cliff that would normally end in death and you somehow survive despite only having two of the necessary six Fate Points, you would suffer a -4 penalty to all checks until you earned a Fate Point, at which point the penalty would decrease to -3. This would continue until your debt is paid in full.

Fate Points

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