The primary language spoken in the Balanor Republic.

The language of the Khorelli Empire, Khorish is a heavily gendered language. Masculine Khorish features many hard consonants with only a few mixed sounds while feminine Khorish is often regarded as an incredibly beautiful language, so much so that most Khorelli music is almost always only accompanied by female vocals.

The language of the Nishani people.

The language of the O’zhiani people.

Known throughout most of the civilized areas of Ameryth, Stark is a simplistic language that got its start as a trader’s language. Stark’s simplicity allows nearly anyone to become sufficiently fluent in the language in a short amount of time.

Spoken primarily in the independent state of Teloran, this ancient language is known as the “Scholar’s Tongue” by some. Teloran is most often used when speaking of scientific topics and its compact writing system is very useful in technical documents.


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