Nations and Territories


Covers the central and northern portions of Urelia. The nation’s capital, Loremar, is the home of the Elassian Military Central Headquarters. Elassia is a very prosperous nation, thriving through military might and rapid technological advancement. It was Elassia that first benefitted from the development of stable aetherite technology three hundred years ago, which led to Elassia becoming one of the most dominant forces in Ameryth. In terms of land owned, Elassia is the second largest nation in Ameryth, next to the Khorelli Empire in the northern reaches.

Important Locations
Loremar – Elassia’s capital city. The site was originally just the location of the Elassian military’s forward base during the Southern Expansion Period, once the last battles had ended, the non-combatants that had tagged along with the marching armies had turned it into a bustling center of trade in the region. Loremar is best known for the massive shipyards that build and repair the airships in the Elassian fleet and the highly-advanced aetherite technology that powers the fleet. The city itself is organized into large wards and the government is closely intertwined with the military’s hierarchy. As such, criminals are quickly captured and punished harshly. For those seeking divine guidance, there are large temples to Castelia, Maleus, Varris, and Eiraley, though the largest of all is the Ember Temple of Adurel due to the militaristic lifestyle of most of the city’s inhabitants.

The massive continent-spanning empire located in the White Wastes far to the north.

The kingdom of the southeastern half of Mirdin.

The kingdom of the northwestern half of Mirdin.

The Pretarian Theocracy.

Nestled between the southeastern border of Elassia and the eastern edge of the continent lies Telora, an small independent state well known throughout Urelia as the home to many incredibly intelligent scholars. It was a Teloran scientist that taught the Elassians how to use aetherite technology. This exchange of information resulted in an alliance between Elassia and Telora that has lasted for three hundred years. Most of Telora’s lands are consumed by three academic metropolises, the largest of which is the Teloran Academy of Aetheric Research, where the headquarters of the Teloran Alchemist’s Guild is located.

Nations and Territories

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