People and Professions

An alchemist’s understanding of the connection between themselves, the Aether, and various alchemical substances allow them to manipulate their own aetheric energy and create effects akin to that of a sorcerer. Their scientific knowledge and rote practice also lends them great skill with explosives and poisons.

Since the first appearance of sorcerers in Ameryth thousands of years ago, mankind has searched for ways to recreate the abilities they possess. When it was discovered that aetherite could be used as a power source for new technologies, the Teloran Academy of Aetheric Research was founded and it quickly became the center of nearly all aetheric research in Urelia. Shortly thereafter, the Teloran Alchemist’s Guild rose to power within the hierarchy of the academy and modern alchemy was spread throughout nearby nations; thus, the modern alchemist was born.

A barbarian’s power lies in their skill with arms and their incredible ability to unleash their rage upon their enemies. These abilities allow them to become fearsome and bestial savages who will do whatever is necessary to overcome the obstacles set before them.

Advanced civilization has had very little effect on the propagation of primitive tribal societies in Ameryth. While there are countless pockets of rough-cut cultures all over Ameryth, perhaps the best known are the Wastewalkers of the White Wastes in the north and the Sea Dragons of the Thrashing Sea between Urelia and Mirdin. These two groups are made up of hundreds of smaller tribes and clans, both of which dedicate themselves to protecting their respective lands from those who would take it from them. Interestingly, the Wastewalkers have long held a peace treaty with the Khorelli Empire and the Khorelli often enlist the aid of the barbarians during wartime.


In place of the favored weapon of their deity, an inquisitor may choose one specific weapon appropriate to their purpose with which to be proficient.

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People and Professions

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